Epiphytic Orchid Diversity in UB Forest and Opportunities for Orchid Tourism Road Development

Gheavanda Putri Rahadi, Luchman Hakim


The aims of the research are to identify epiphytic orchid diversity and host tree species, for the development of an orchid tourism trails as a potential tourist attraction in UB Forest. Nine epiphytic orchids were found in UB Forest, namely Liparis viridiflora, Eria hyacinthoides, Aerides sp., Coelogyne sp., Dendrobium lineairifolium, Agrostophyllum sp., Sarcanthus sp., Flickingeria sp. and Eria monostachya. These epiphytic orchids use Dadap (Erythrina sp.), Jalina (Ficus sp.), Kukrup (Engelhardtia spicata) and Cempaka wangi (Michelia champaca) as host species, from Gate 1 to Gunung Mujur Point in UB Forest. With some improvement, including preserving and improving the population of host tree species, establishing interpretation media for educational purposes, and improving the attractiveness of tourist attractions and facilities, the corridor could provide an opportunity to develop an ecotourism route.

Keywords: Ecotourism, Environmental education, Orchids


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