Strategies of Regency Adiwiyata (Green) School Management at Secondary Education Level in Sintang Regency

Daniel Murdani, Abdul Hakim, Bagyo Yanuwiadi


This study has a purpose (1) identifying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) of Adiwiyata schools in Sintang Regency. (2) Formulate coaching strategies of regency Adiwiyata schools at the secondary education level in Sintang Regency. To achieve that goal, the researcher used qualitative descriptive method with IFAS and EFAS analysis technique. The results is: The dominant strengths factor is that the school has a vision, mission and objectives that are environmentally sound and the Adiwiyata school team. The dominant weakness factor is the limited budget allocation for Adiwiyata development. The dominant factor of opportunity is that schools have the opportunity to follow competencies in other activities in the field of environment. The dominant threat factor is the school principal and teacher mutations threatening the sustainability of Adiwiyata program in schools. Adiwiyata regency school positions based on IFAS and EFAS analysis are in quadrant II (23,-5). Based on the position then the coaching strategy that needs to be done is (1) capacity building, skills and knowledge of Adiwiyata team through seminars and training funded by local government; (2) Budget allocation proportionally for supporting activities of Adiwiyata both from schools and local government that is regularly enrolled every year; (3) Vision, mission and school objectives must accommodate local wisdom of the community in protecting the environment; (4) school principal and teacher mutations should consider tracking not on a pragmatic basis.

Keywords: Coaching strategy, Regency Adiwiyata, School management, Sintang Regency


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