Aims and Scope

Indonesian Journal of Environment and Sustainable Development is an interdisciplinary journal with scope aspects of environmental impacts (biophysical and socio-economic) a result of development. The journal also examines the phenomenon of a complex interaction between development and the environment, with the aim of looking for alternative solutions in realizing sustainability of all aspects of human activity development related, i.e:

  1. Synergistic interactions among communities, development and the environment and their implications for the sustainability of development
  2. Technical, economic, ethical, and philosophical aspects of sustainable development
  3. Obstacles and ways to overcome them in realizing sustainable development
  4. Local and national development sustainability initiatives, their practical implementation
  5. Development and implementation of environmental sustainability indicators
  6. Development, verification, implementation and monitoring of sustainable development policies
  7. Aspects of sustainability in the management of land resources, water, energy, and hayari, towards sustainable development
  8. Impacts of agricultural and forestry activities on the conservation of soil and aquatic ecosystems as well as the preservation of soil and aquatic ecosystems and the preservation of biodiversity
  9. The impact of global energy use and climate change on sustainable development
  10. The impact of population growth and human activities on the resilience of food and natural resources for sustainable development
  11. The role of national and international agencies, as well as international arrangements in realizing sustainable development
  12. The social and cultural context of sustainable development
  13. The role of education and public awareness in realizing sustainable development
  14. The role of political and economic Instruments in sustainable development
  15. Alternative realize sustainable development efforts
  16. Other topics that are still relevant to the development and environmental sustainability