Design of Medium Scale-Integrated Patchouli Oil Agro-Industry in East Java

Pratiwi Kusumaning Ayu, Susinggih Wijana, Edi Priyo Utomo


The goal of designing an integrated  agro-industry of patchouli oil with medium scale in East Java is to determine an ideal conditions of companies production with a 200 kg / day of patchouli oil capacity and 20 kg/day of fractionation products. The experimental, quantitative and descriptive method with primary and secondary data sources were used. The result of this design is the established production plan  patchouli oil agro-industry in East Java as much as 756 ha. Cropping pattern shade with a partnership Operational Cooperation Agribusiness (OCA) is used in this design. By using financial analysis such as NPV, IRR, PI, PP, B/C ratio and the BEP, integrated agro-industry of patchouli oil with medium scale that produce three products: patchouli oil, patchouli alcohol and guaienee in Blitar feasible to be realized.

Keyword: Agro-industries design, Distillation Fractionation, Financial Analyses, Patchouli Oil

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